About Us

01. Strategy

Brookfall Group properties are strategically located in areas with high barriers of entry. With little to no new construction in these areas, our occupancy rates average greater than 92%.

02. Stability

Brookfall Group properties produce stable and high cash flows. Rental income is supported by high historical occupancy rates. We invest in properties with capitalization rates above 8% generating a high return for investors.

03. Discipline

Discipline, one of our core beliefs, is a key part of our investing strategy. We follow strict rules and metrics when evaluating and underwriting properties for potential investments. 

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Brookfall Group invests in properties with significant value-add potential and limited downside risk. Cap rates in our most recent deals range from 10-24%. Our five-year plan encompasses development in new markets, while maintaining our methodology.

10% to 24%